I think the FDA should investigate this company… in fact I’ll submit that form and brief y’all on what happens from there. I haven’t kept notes over the years but there have been just way too many instances of pure negligence on their part. Part of which could have had serious consequences (seizures) for not having medications on time.

Seizures? Yep, that’s right – seizures. A side effect of some medication if one abruptly stops it. I had a refill request in far in advance and for some reason they (being Express Scripts) just sat on it.

This is a couple of years back now and I spent over 12 hours, combined, on the phone with them trying to have my issue escalated to no avail. I even tweeted at them on a number of occasions and wouldn’t you know it, other folks also replied back with similar experiences.

I think this just the tip of the iceberg as to what is wrong with the healthcare system as a whole, and why our politicians, including the RINO Republicans, are not actually contributing to a solution. All attempts to date have been centered around insurance, premiums and benefits that one can qualify for – not the holistic ecosystem that makes up the entire value chain.

Everyone is focused on the most morally absent part of the healthcare system – insurance.

Why costs have gone up to begin with, and where there are opportunities for efficiencies should be the focus and not so much who is going to be stuck paying the bill.

In any event, I digress – Express Scripts did not notify me in a timely manner, until I only had a couple days of my prescription left, that they had an issue procuring my medication (for whatever reason), which was not related to actually attaining a valid prescription from my doctor. I had to call back every 3 days to have a temporary dosage sent to a local pharmacy and also explain the story over and over again to a new operator for hours at a time. No accountability, always pushing the blame onto myself, and never acknowledging they were the ones experiencing the disruption, and didn’t want to offer me full coverage at a local pharmacy without paying exorbitant fees.

And again today, I’m told that they will not prescribe me Claritin because it’s an over the counter prescription… sounds like a typical response right? Well, I get Prilosec via Express Scripts… that’s over the counter. Evidently, Zyrtec and a couple of other OTC’s are available at lower rates from Express Scripts as well.

When I called them out on the issue – I was told to contact my health insurance provider. I know that is not standard protocol, as my companies HR group did a nice job navigating us through the various providers. So I called anyway, and of course, it just brought me back to Express Scripts.

I could go one with additional examples, but I’m more interested in hearing from others. What are your experiences with Express Scripts? Is there a real mail order prescription provider out there that offers good service, without just being morally absent robots?