Like oil and water, discussions of politics in the work place have become more taboo than what happened on the last episode of Girls (please don’t watch that show, and I’m not saying it in a #PleaseClap like manner). It’s to the point where the very mention will cause people to raise their hands, smile gingerly, and walk backwards cowering in fear. What’s there to be afraid of?

Political Correctness (the bad PC, not to be confused with the good PC that is Political Cow) has dominated the Human Resources playbook, but with good results that should be acknowledged. For instance, there are clear bounds that should be upheld with personal interactions. These checkpoints will systematically make for an inclusive work environment, by helping circumvent outright discrimination and sexual harassment.

Where the political correctness falls short is how one is discouraged from fully expressing any deeply held value or principle based on religion or POLITICAL IDEOLOGY. That is, unless it’s  a principle of liberal origin. You can talk all day about about how corporations are ruining the environment and stealing from the masses, but the moment you begin upholding any capitalist ideals – boom / clap you get hit with an HR issue. The moment you cite a bible verse or allude to any religious teaching, you are labeled as trying to seek converts.

Let’s focus on politics for the moment. The disparity between the acceptability of liberal viewpoints vs. conservative ones has come to a breaking point me. An example you ask? Well, within a #BigOil company, I’ve seen pictures of Barack Obama posted freely along with other liberal paraphernalia, in office cubes. There have been no repercussions.  You don’t see any conservative all-stars though. There isn’t a Reagan or Bush to be found for miles!

What’s your policy? Do you even venture to talk about politics in the workplace?

Are your politics aligned with your employer, or are you one of those hired guns going to the highest bidder? I still can’t figure out he Obama guy over at #BigOil.