Convicted felon Daniel Holtzclaw, once an Oklahoma City police officer, sat in pure agony as the verdict came in as guilty on 18 counts, putting him away for 263 years. He female victims were hand picked as easy prey: drug addicts, poor, juveniles or women with a criminal history. What else did these women all have in common? They were all black.

Let’s also start off this conversation with a few givens. Holtzclaw’s actions were wrong, period. I’d like to see a guy like him put to death! This is not a question I’m trying to address or even argue with. It’s an absolute given.

What I do want to focus in on is the national outrage ensued, as an all white male jury began deliberations.  Some pre-judged the outcome of the trial as yet another acquittal in a system said to be stacked against minorities, particularly black people. The Attorney for Trayvon Martin was quick to jump into the fray proclaiming that yet again someone would be released from custody and we’d have yet another injustice on our hands. Would we have riots on our hands again?

The general disposition here is centered on this idea that our nation and the white majority has inherently and systemically imposed insurmountable barriers against minorities. Didn’t get that job? Not qualified for the loan? Someone rude to you? Declare racism, because you’re a victim! That’s the real key here to the mindset that I call “Continuous Victimization”. Now let’s see it play out in anticipation of the jury’s verdict.

HuffPost Live captured this mindset of continuous victimization in one of their recent segments. Just consider the sub title of the segment, “Defense attorneys can be given leeway to choose jurors more likely to side with their client.” During the segment, one of the guests goes on to say that it’s problematic that the jury is all white men (well mostly men), and the inevitable outcome will be a full acquittal. Let’s take a moment and think about her remarks. Is it unusual that the jury is all white and all men? Perhaps, especially if you consider the area where the crimes were committed. But don’t both the plaintiff and defendent’s legal teams screen and agree on jury composition? The DA signed off on the jury – the conversation on race and equality has devolved into this? I just can not accept that the prosecutor would allow for it. HuffPost goes on to discuss victimization of black women by white men in power – and then what happens?

Guilty – locked up for 263 years. Let’s stop being victims. We are what we make of ourselves. This issue was not as widespread until Obama took office and caused a heightened level of sensitivity regarding race. I mean where does this end? Retribution?