Needless to say, very few of the candidates out there actually have qualities that I would personally find acceptable in a leader. From Rubio to Santorum and the long line of so called conservative Republicans vying for the party’s nomination, no one with the exception of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz stand out as change agents. I know, the old Obama slogan, “CHANGE”… “HOPE and CHANGE” right? Not what I’m talking about.

The one thing the country needs right now is to get on the same page in terms of issues. The latest WSJ/NBC news poll shows that while 42% of Democrats are worried about the shrinking middle class, only 12% are then concerned about the United States losing its economic power. The two things are not mutually exclusive – their redistribution of wealth plans will get a shock to the system if there is less wealth to go around. In fact, the so called unemployment figures touted by the Administration are even more misleading in terms of our economic strength. Part time employed individuals, who would rather have real full time positions, held steady at 6.3 million. That’s million folks – out of a total workforce of 157 million.

Let’s quote the redefined calculation methods for unemployment (redefined by Obama):

“…the labor force is made up of the employed and the unemployed. The remainder—those who have no job and are not looking for one—are counted as not in the labor force.”

So let me see if I understand the logic – if you are on welfare and have no intention of getting a job – you are not counted in the unemployment figure… a little disturbing right? I’d say include them and categorize them appropriately as recipients of government assistance programs. Call it out in the report so the news media (if there are any left with actual backbone) and the populous can see the true numbers.

You honestly can’t tell me that out of our 321 million population, only 157 qualify to be included in the labor force!

So where do the #RINO’s come in? It’s all about establishment – there will be a continuation of these skewed metrics and ways of looking at our nations overall health if we get a conventional candidate in there as the Republican nominee. I hope Trump does run as an independent so that he can make these points to the country, and call out everyone who is hiding behind manipulated data.

Trump could pull in some Democratic voters as well – still running some numbers and doing some research, but the disaffected populous extends beyond conservatives / Republicans. More to come – I’m keeping a close eye on the market in the mean time. Lots of action going on, especially in oil. I’m concerned the pricing is not purely about oversupply, but now more because of fears of lower demand.