I’m fascinated be the recent growth (or maybe just my awareness) of the number of folks getting involved in survivalism. The #preppers, as they are hashtaged, have a wide range of interests, perspectives and overall levels of readiness for whatever the world throws at them. Under it all, I’m finding (and now I generalize) a deep rooted sense of independence, not unlike that which helped shape our nation.  

Many media outlets, particularly those of the left, want to make these groups seem like extremists. The phony republican conservative, Joe Scarborough, went on a tirade A couple years back, calling survivalist “sick”, “twisted” and “paranoid”. 

What they all miss, however, is the pride all of these individuals take in knowing that they can be completely self-reliant. Our lives are built on taking things for granted and in many respects this is needed to make advances in our society. It’s now a given that we have high-speed Internet connections readily available to our entire population. That given led to the rise of social media, online retail giants and billions of dollars in market capitalization for purely Internet-based companies. The hundred years before the Internet it was electricity and before that it was railroads. Each succeeding generation or entrepreneur took the former advances as a given. 

Continuous improvement in building upon past successes is a hallmark of the United States and of humankind. Sounds good right?

A growing part of our population does not believe it to be sufficient to continually take things for granted. Understanding and knowing the basics and appreciating our modern advances is an outgrowth of survivalism. Terrorism, failed economies (such as Greece), our local monetary policy of printing money and many other current events give rise to the need for independent thinking and self-reliance. 

Preppers are essentially seeking self-reliance. I think it’s admirable. I mean what is the old adage: you can only control yourself and not anyone else. The thriving spirit of personal independence will likely be a strong influencer in the coming decades, which had its basis in survivalism.