Lost in the banter of global politics are the lives of those who have already given everything to their respective society. The retired and elderly may be the biggest losers in the entire debacle. 

The featured image depicts a bank manager explaining to an elderly gentleman what is happening – he can’t get his pension that was promised to him after decades of hard work. 

It’s a sobering image that may unfortunately become the norm. Not just for Greece but in other parts of the Eurozone that are riding a close second to the #Grexit train. This will define our current generation, as not fulfilling commitments to those who built our current society and secured it from the evils of WWII. 

Our Baby Boomers are slowly slipping into a similar quandary, unrecognized by Obama and the Liberals. Printing dollars and amassing debt in the way he has, Obama is movin forward I lock step with a Greek like scenario. Wealth has escaped the retirement accounts of those who worked hard all their life and has funneled into her hands of a few at the very top. 

Not a rant against capitalism – we need to recognize that the forces currently underway are unnatural and not truly market driven. There is a direct correlation between the growing wealth gap and Obama’s continued easy money policy to promote higher and higher stock prices. More to come later.