I’ve caught a lot of heat in the past for my perspectives in same-sex marriage in the conservative space. My bottom line, we are adults and as long as we don’t inflict harm upon others, who really cares? Well, the strong response from conservatives has done no good – for anything!

My idea of a great compromise (at least a couple years ago it would have been): make the bargain to end abortion and allow same-sex marriage. Of course there will always be the stipulations for abortion like mother’s health and rape, but the point would be that it’s an inappropriate means of birth control.

Anyway, that ship has now sailed – they would have totally bought into the compromise but this is what happens when you dig in your heels and don’t think outside of the box.

I guess now I have to look forward to handing over 75% of my salary to Obamacare and other Obama money for those that won’t work. Who might that be? Have a look (if you need a reminder):

Well done RINO’s in congress. You will be voted out!