Mike Huckabee expects wide spread civil disobedience in response to the gay marriage ruling by the Supreme Court. I don’t think that’s likely – why? Christian conservatives will not riot.

Think about it. The response to much of the police and race issues facing the nation of late have ended in violet and damaging riots, which were then in turn justified by certain media outlets (@maddow in particular). If not directly, then by allowing guest commentators to spew disgusting rhetoric unchecked. The rhetoric being one that accepts looting, rioting and the extremes of civil disobedience if you don’t get your way (much like a 2 year old child).

Let’s say for a moment there were in fact riots from Christian conservatives over the court’s decision. How would this same media characterize the events? We’d see a complete 180 (watch out for folks that say 360, they end up going in the same direction). Conservatives would be to vilianize and equate them to ISIS thugs.

In all honesty though, there will be no riots – not until a pastor who is not harming everyone is sued and forced to perform a marriage ceremony for a gay couple.

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t care – this is and has always been a non-issue. Just an easy topic to polarize folks for votes. It should have been put to rest long ago.

Huckabee goes on to say, in his interview, that he would put a nativity scene on the front lawn of the White House if elected as a response to the rainbow colors displayed by the Obama Administration. I’m sure we’ll see considerable blow back from the honorable left on this one as well, but the expression of one’s views is the same in both cases. I think he’s just making a point.

Obama is also on the Legacy prowl. He want’s something to be defined by in history now, and not just a do-nothing administration. It remains to be scene where the next aggressive push will come from.