You know, Greece should have left the Eurozone like years ago – would have helped everyone one (including the United States). Now, the spineless officials are passing the buck and putting it all to a vote for the people to decide.

Maybe that’s a good thing? I mean, Obama could have put his response to #Ferguson police to a vote – maybe we wouldn’t have all of the rioting and racial tension out there?

What else could Obama have put to a vote? Obamacare maybe? I mean with the extremely negative sentiment, we could have prevented all these new taxes. And yes, its all a tax – still haven’t gotten a refund yet either!

So back to Greece – leaving the Eurozone would give them more control over the handling of their currency and how they will manage their debt obligations. Not saying they would start making good choices, but at the very least it would decouple them from the rest of the world. In fact, the entire Eurozone may unwind in the next decade as you look at Italy and Spain standing next in line for a Greece-like event.

Anything to make the dollar weaker would be welcomed at this point. The Euro is like the new Yuan having an unnatural weakening that impacts our exports and corporate profits.

Banks are now scheduled to be closed Monday.