It’s been quite a while since I’ve actually posted something to the site – why? I’ve fallen into somewhat of an apathy with our political leaders. This isn’t just about Obama, as some would assume who followed me in the past. Both parties have brought us tremendous disappointment with their underwhelming efforts of course correcting the United States.

Why come back now? Simple. We have an election coming up in November 2016. I, as well as many others, need to bring our ideas forward and force changes through new media. Get online now, and publish a blog to voice your positions, and interact with others!

Going forward, there are a few key principles that I’ll look to continually reinforce:

  1. Term Limits – no more career politicians who lose touch with the real world
  2. Taking Action – too much talk, postulations and philosophical stagnation since 2008
  3. Economic Growth – this is the foundation of so many other aspects of our society
  4. Backbone – I’d like a leader who can backup what he/she says (ex: The Red Line)

We need someone who will challenge the status quo and not enable it. Sound like I’m pushing for Trump right? Well, he is at least pushing the envelope.

The real problem at this phase of the election cycle is the sheer number of participants – pool your resources and narrow down to 3-4 folks! It’s more important to just get someone in who is not an off-the-wall #Liberal. Anyway, I’m back, and will be contributing more than my 140 characters of twitter magic that over 70,000 put up with daily.

We’ll talk real issues, but also other interesting topics that keep me sane… like #RHONY.

Onward and upward!