I can’t even begin to express the disappointment I feel. It’s one thing to disagree on issues or perspectives, but it’s another to partake in nasty behavior.  The DemocraticUnderground.com website is actively encouraging liberals to defraud the Romney campaign!

This isn’t just some nobody making unethical remarks and encouraging potentially illegal actions, as the Democratic Underground is ranked near the top 1000 sites in the United States.  That’s tens of millions of page views a month! With such a following, and potential influence, one would expect a higher level of discretion and sense of responsibility to simply “do the right thing.”

Over the course of the week for the DNC, there have been many examples of the “politics of personal destruction,” as President Clinton referenced in the past. Questions of Romney’s views on Women, and overall prejudice against minorities were put on the table explicitly by many speakers at the convention.  No one bothered to take the standard “politically correct” route, and simply allude to bad behavior, or possible poor character. The attacks were direct, and often very personal.

In addition to personal prejudice, Romney was depicted as a wealthy American (yes, he is an American) who simply wants to preserve the wealth and status of all 1%’ers. Anyone see a smokescreen? Don’t bother talking about a lack of accomplishment, or leadership, just start calling your opponent names and hope something sticks.

The character, and value system of those who have submitted this posting, and have actually participated is not reflective of the public at large, and is certainly not something the vast majority of Americans would find acceptable.

I challenge the DemocraticUnderground.com website to remove this content, and to amend their terms of service to discourage fraudulent activity. Open dialog is a good thing, but there is a consequence for encouraging criminal activity.