Recently, concerns have been raised by Obama, along with his liberal counterparts, of Romney’s capability to properly handle international relations. Sound familiar? Recall this was the same sort of issue Obama had been dealing prior to his run for the Presidency. Is the issue truly experience with foreign affairs, or one of leadership capacity? A good leader will be able to communicate, and manage relationships with all external parties (or countries in this case). Recently, more and more Democrats have weighed in to point out this phantom deficiency for Romney.

McCain, in 2008, clearly had significant experience with foreign policy, having worked in a number of Senate committees, and participating on other key interactions with foreign diplomats throughout his career. Somehow, Obama managed to side-step the issue, with his focus on class warfare. The key recognition here was that the economy, and the growing divide within the labor force was causing significant strain within key demographics. So, no one paid any attention to the lack of international experience, or leadership capacity of Obama. Mob rule at it’s finest! The assertion was there was some entity out there trying to “keep people down,” and Obama is the only person who will help provide for you (Patty the Moocher anyone?). The focus became a persistent message the resonated with the most vulnerable in our society, and encouraged the growth of a victim mentality. Most recently, Obama exposed his true nature by suggesting that small business owners did not have a hand in the success of the enterprises they have created. “Someone else did that..” for you, and Obama want’s to be that someone.

As the economy continues to plateau, from artificial stimulus and support from the Federal reserve, Obama recognizes that he can not win with the same message of a victimized society. So the irony now, is the projection of Obama’s shortcomings with diplomacy on to Romney. When it comes down to it, all good leaders can recognize differences within people, wether cultural, motivation, or life experience. Romney has spend his entire career managing external stakeholders (in this case, foreign leaders), and it was through high stress high-stakes circumstances. His track record within business speaks volumes to his capabilities as a leader, and as a diplomat.

Now Rahm Emanuel decides to add his two cents, and insists on Ramney is making a mess of his international tour. The timing is unusual, as we have also learned that Bill Clinton has emerged as a key figure for the Democrats leading into the election. Brit Hume, of FoxNews, has referenced this recent engagement with Clinton as a ‘distress call’ from the President.

This is just the latest distraction being thrown into the mix by the President. Just a day ago, Obama’s team was all over spreading rumors of racist ideals being held by the Republican Candidate, quoting an “Anglo-Saxon” alliance with England. Why not take it a step further? The administration also promoted the idea that Romney’s team didn’t feel Obama had the ability to understand the “special relationship,” and “shared heritage” with England. Again, falling back on race as a key topic for the election.

It’s difficult to define the key characteristics required of someone who would make an ideal candidate for President. At it’s core, there are some unmistakable qualities that includes a genuine ability to lead, assemble, and enhance everyday operations. Romney has already demonstrated that he can deal with foreign stakeholders in high stress and critical situations. When has Obama ever had to make a hard decision that impacted hundreds, thousands, or tens-of-thousands of people’s lives. @BarackObama = Amature.