The milestone in 2008 exclaimed by all as the turning point in race relations, and a deescalation of tension, was the election of Barack Obama. In retrospect, has the last four years actually contributed, or further hindered the integration of various cultures within the United States (both foreign and domestic).

It never fails to be a topic of discussion, as exemplified by stories of the recent Anglo-Saxon comments allegedly made by Romney, that the core driver for opposition to Obama is sourced from a type of racial bias. Yet in my perspective, and the perspective of the last four years shared by others on racial tension, issues have become increasingly worse over the last four years.

A prime example:  Henry Louis Gates.  Remember the Harvard college professor questioned by police after they had received a call about someone trying to break into a house? The situation was greatly exaggerated, and the spectacle of racial profiling was brought to the forefront almost immediately.  Then, of course, Obama weighed into the conversation and insisted that the officer, “…acted stupidly…” in his response to the situation. Here’s a reminder of the scenario, the officer was called out on a possible home invasion, and the suspect was described as a black male.  He found Mr. Gates, and asked him what was going on, and why he was trying to break into the house.  A simple 5 minute conversation, and everyone would have been on their way.  Gates became irate, and eventually hostile towards the officer. His response was more of one being privileged, and beyond any type of procedural inquiry.

Remember, law enforcement responds to issues raised by the public in most situations.  They do not initiate interventions, unless there is a direct violation, or potential harm to someone’s life or property. The officer was responding to a call for a potential home invasion. It is also important to point out that the officer in question was white.

Just one fiasco that set the tone for the last four years. Everyone must walk on eggshells to avoid the perception of racial profiling.  This is just simply antagonistic, and giving the green light for anyone to use the newly found “get-out-of-jail-free” card of racial profiling. Is there now an expectation for officers of the same race to manage suspects of the same race?

The second clear example is ACORN, and their questionable voter activity. It has become clear Democrats routinely utilized this organization for voter intimidation.  Black Panthers blocking voters, or running them off from the polls in areas that were not supportive of Obama in critical states? What are things coming too?

Fundamentally, the segregation that is now being promoted is sourced from a sense of entitlement. Entitlement driven from activity that was reconciled over 150 years ago, and one that is now bleeding into other aspects of society. Anyone remember Peggy the moocher:

It’s not just Peggy that’s the problem. Our next generation is now growing, at least attempting to grow, within an environment that designates God given rights of individuals to include guaranteed housing, gas money, free health care, … etc.

We’ll chat more about health care in the future, but the essential theme to recognize is the growing sense of tension from a racial standpoint within the country.