Here we go again. Leave it to the Democrats to find a way to bring the race card to the table. I’m almost certain the comments of a “special relationship” and a “shared heritage” were made by the Romney camp, but the stretch is where Anglo-Saxon comes into the mix.

The UK based Telegraph reported on the Anglo-Saxon comment on the eve of Romney’s visit to England and other countries in the region. I’d expect more hits such as this one as the campaign moves forward. It seems like the Obama camp is doing anything it takes to get past the anti-small business sentiment expressed by the President in recent days.

In all honesty, if Romney actually made such comments regarding an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and diminished Obama’s capacity to understand and appreciate the shared history, why would anyone on his staff make these comments public? Especially to the highly gossip driven English press? It doesn’t add up, and seems more like an overly eager Washington correspondent of the Telegraph looking to make a name for himself based on what he deems as a “confidential source.”

Icing on the cake? The Obama camp is also critical of Romney’s foreign affairs experience. Romney is being characterized as a novice, yet what exactly were Obama’s credentials when he ran against McCain? Yes indeed, liberals at their best!