Anyone actually thinking of wanting that Obama documentary?

I’d imagine there be some sort of effort in liberal states to make sure that they’re public schools set up special assemblies to view the film. All joking aside, who would actually want to watch this film?

It features the boastful Obama, our celebrity in chief, talking over everybody’s head and letting them know that he knows what is best for everyone. Remember, this guy was a community organizer before he ran for Senate and then became president.

Anybody actually know what community organizer’s job entails? I know a few myself and they do very respectable work. I must say the contributions they make to our communities are not necessarily the same attributes that I would like to see the leader of our country.

Then of course there’s the intellectual angle. Obama knows best right? After all, he is smarter than everyone else.

Don’t expect a review of this film. At least not from the cow.