Why would anyone be looking for a game changing from this point? Some suggest they’re looking to increase ratings for 2012 election cycle, but this could’ve been done just after Obama’s election as well. At this point, everybody knows every detail of how the McCain campaign unfolded, or for that matter, unraveled. Why do it?

The answer seems pretty clear’s me. Politics. This is yet another tact to support the reelection of the Obama administration. Although these efforts may not be coordinated with the Obama campaign, it is no secrets of Hollywood’s fascination and obsession with Barack Obama. Obama is in effect our celebrity in chief.

Is this really a service to the public? Revisiting questions and issues that have already been long settled? The only possible purpose would be to support the upcoming campaign. Producers of the film, Game Changer, insist that it’s a fair and balanced look into how a campaign executes. Their view is that Sarah Palin is humanized through the course of the film.

I’ll be on the lookout for the HBO special, and will provide my review. Somehow I doubt that the goal film was the humanization of Palin at all. It is true that it may depict the aggressive nature of modern political campaigns, but the implied narrative would be to say that Republicans are far more guilty of doing whatever it takes in order to attain power.

This may lay the foundation for the core message and theme of the Obama campaign leading into the November election.