Talking out both sides of your mouth is a quality that Obama has taken to new heights. In recent speeches he suggests that there is “no silver bullet” to help lower the price of gas. Is it that there is no silver bullet, or there is just no action being taken by the administration? Beyond just no action being taken is there any appetite to actually address the issue directly and openly with the public?

Obama recently stopped the Keystone pipeline initiative. Today, we find him urging Senate Democrats to oppose a bill that would endorse the pipeline.

After his actions today, it seems he’s not oblivious to the energy concerns our nation, rather he is taking an active role to make them worse. All this in support of its extreme left green colleagues. And you know who I’m talking about, those people who protest against drilling for oil and gas yet cannot give up their cars. They insist that we move into a bicycle society similar to that of China circa 1999.

It’s clear now that Obama is taking an active role to diminish all fossil fuel options. This comes the cost of not only our economic integrity, but our security as a country. We can become a net exporter of oil and gas within the next 10 years. In doing so, nobody expects this to be a final solution. This will become a bridge toward new energy discoveries in the future. We cannot stand aside while hostile governments hold our country hostage. We cannot stand aside and say nothing as dictators crackdown on their on people when they cry for freedom.

I’ve no idea what Obama strategy is here. Honestly, there is no strategy. Just meet the requirements of his political funders. No concern for doing the right thing.

So now, at the same time he suggests that “there is no silver bullet” he actively undermines the efforts that help address increasing prices.