Today’s announcement by Bernanke only highlights the growing mistrust of the Obama administration’s claim of success in revitalizing the economy.  A Bloomberg report captured him as specifically saying that we are a long way from sustaining a normal labor market.

The President was so proud of his pseudo-achievemnt, he sat down with Matt Lauer just before the Super Bowl to gloat, insisting that he deserves to be re-elected.

Our growing sense is that we are on the cusp of a rapid downturn in the markets, headed towards 10,000 on the DOW to renew the bear market cycle. Much of the economic progress has been in spite of the President’s policies, and as his delayed release attacks on business begin to take hold, it will only diminish growth rates.

Bernanke is compelled to give a real assessment on the information at hand, however, Matt Lauer and all the other Obama groupie reporters just won’t let anything potentially negative come to light.  Why is that?