Recently, I took it upon myself to contact my representative about making term limits a key issue going forward.  I’m honestly done with people who make their living in politics.  It is no longer a service, or contribution to your country; rather, it has become a means to an end.  No matter what one’s initial intention may have been, nothing good can come from someone who has been in congress over 30 years.  You just lose touch with reality.

Here is the open letter written to Rep. Steve Scalise, of the first district of Louisiana:


I challenge you to do something bold, and out of the ordinary.  A major issue facing our country is the culture in Washington, that is promoted, and enabled by the lack of real term limits for congress.

The further one gets into their “career” as a politician, the further the gap grows between reality and impracticality.  This is a very dangerous situation, and one that could potentially lead our nation in the direction of the failed European institutions.

I implore you to push for real term limits for congress.  8 years is enough for anyone.  Make your contribution, and return to the real world.



I would like to encourage everyone to write their representatives to express this belief that political life should not span a lifetime.