From the onset of his presidency, Obama has made no apologies pushing his liberal agenda. The key question for Obama through all of his policies and decisions, has been the idea that fairness must be something that is mandated and driven from the government. What exactly does fairness entail? Unlike the fundamental liberties that our founding fathers had envisioned for each individual, which encouraged individual self-development and contribution to society, Obama’s definition of fairness is a bit more secular.

Let’s be clear, by secular I’m not making any religious reference, but merely examining the importance Obama puts on more temporary assets that individuals should be given as a birthright, as opposed to the true American ideal of opportunity being given as a birthright. In order to support his viewpoints the administration has taken many liberties and redefining or re-examining standard metrics used measure the success or failure of the economy or other portions of the government. In this barrage of fuzzy logic, the definition of unemployment was not spared.

So what constitutes the state of being unemployed? Clearly it’s not having employment. Measuring the workforce that does not have full time employment adequately allowing them to support their families is the key reason we measure unemployment and underemployment. Obama’s twist to this picture begins in the definition of new jobs created.

Early on in his presidency he faced mounting concerns that the financial stability of the nation was at risk. He had no trouble pushing through a $700 billion stimulus package which was targeted towards growing the economy. The main tagline for the stimulus package was that it would immediately enable the creation of shovel ready jobs. That statement in itself demonstrates the fallacy of his viewpoint. We are not a nation of laborers. Labor is not what will drive our economy, nation or society forward. Our best asset has always been our innovators and our leaders. Defining policy that would yet further encourage innovation and leadership in the world Will promote the long-term sustainability of our nation and our standard of living. Instead of pushing for big ideas, the administration decided to go for the quick-fix of a stimulus package that in reality was targeted towards pet projects on the liberal agenda. The CBO has acknowledged that very little of that stimulus actually made its way into direct investment or job growth.

So what’s happened two and a half years later? The unemployment rate continues to remain above 9% and no significant growth in jobs has not occurred throughout Obama’s presidency.

With no real growth and jobs, the administration has become creative in how they can address their failing metrics. October’s jobs report showed a pretty significant increase for the month of September. The headline number reported moved markets, and provided people with a newfound sense of confidence. Not many people actually drilled down into the details of the numbers. Hidden deep in the count of new jobs created for September was was a one-time event that accounted for the vast majority of the new jobs created for the month. A union organized strike had concluded, which enabled tens of thousands of workers to return to their jobs. These positions were already in existence but have been voluntarily vacated in favor of the strike. The new definition of unemployment actually counts all of these employees returning to work as new positions being created in the workforce. The only beneficiary of this strange rule are the labor unions. Everyone recognizes the heavy influence the labor unions carry with the Obama administration, especially considering the significant contributions made to the presidential campaign.

The promotion of labor unions unemployment data is only one piece of the puzzle. It appears that the unemployment rate itself is being misrepresented to the public. In addition to counting the labor union data, the administration also counts jobs saved as new employment opportunities that are counted towards the monthly figures. Keep in mind in both cases no new real jobs have been created, no new positions have entered the workforce, and no new productivity has been deployed to create outputs for society.

The list goes on regarding the manipulation of unemployment data by the Obama administration. It’s as though Obama wishes that this issue will go away all on its own.

His capacity in understanding the relationship of business and how it plays a role in society is very low. I’d imagine this is directly related to his lack of corporate experience, small business experience, or business experience of any kind. Working as a “community organizer” creates a detachment from society, and the issues that real working individuals face.

Unemployment is not the only metric that is in question. Further it’s not just an issue of performance but of principle. The administration is failing in both.