Apple has had a very lucrative business in the consumer explosion of its iPods, iPads, and iPhones.  Every year consumers expect to let go of the old and drool over the new, as Apple releases a new model every year like clockwork.  But unlike any other year, Apple decided to push the release of the new iPhone 5 a couple of months back.  The new iPhone 5 is expected to be released sometime September or October and this very wise decision by Apple just made people more curious and excited about it.  Apple expects sales to skyrocket as soon as the iPhone 5 will be released.

With just barely 3 months worth of wait, people’s curiosity over this tiny technological genius is becoming more and more prevalent.  Rumors about iPhone 5’s new image, applications, OS have been spreading like wildfire although it hasn’t been confirmed yet as Apple is keeping mum about it.  But as we want to shed a little light to the thousands of awaiting iPhone fanatics, here are some of the rumors that we hear about the upcoming iPhone 5.

Rumors say that the new iPhone will have a greater improvement in terms of physical appearance.  Some say that it will be thinner that iPhone 4, while others say that it will not change much.  However, there has been a leakage of new iPhone 5 cases that might give some clues as to what physical makeover the iPhone 5 will have.  Looking at the case, we can assume that, yes, the unit will be thinner.  Another probable improvement is the bigger display and a bigger home button.

Internally, the iPhone 5 software is expected to be much faster that its predecessors.  Some predict that iPhone 5 will use an A5 processor, which is the improved version of iPhone 4’s A4 processor.  The A5 processor is predicted to be based on a Cortex A9 design which features multiple cores.  If this is true, this would mean that the new iPhone will have swifter performance and better battery life.  This would also give Apple an edge of rivals, which are just coming up with dual core processors in their Android smartphones.

For sure, there will be more rumors about the iPhone 5.  Unless people see it released in the market, you can expect more and more “Apple experts” to release their predictions about the iPhone 5.  How about you, what do you think will the new iPhone offer to its future users?