Obama has forced republicans to fall into the trap of talking exclusively about the debt cieling, and dismissing all of his other shortfalls. The media is supporting Obama’s socialist agenda, to yet again in this time of crisis, push through billions of dollars worth of entitlements.

Obama has continually maintained his socialist stance, and is yet again working towards turning this crisis into an opportunity to support a drive towards socialism.  Notice the change in language of tax increases now being referred to as revenue streams.

The other most “critical” (as Obama likes to say) issue is the administration’s depiction of a default resulting in higher borrowing costs, and equating to a 2008-2009 like crisis. The half truth spread by Democrats everywhere is that somehow, no one will want to buy our debt.  Where else will they take their money?  Europe, with half the member states already in a true default? Africa? South America? Asia?  Some may argue Asia, but it’s doubtful the Chinese government would actually be selling that much in bonds.  The remainder of the the continent is not sufficient enough to support a real rotation out of US debt, and into Asian debt.

At the end of the day, the reality is that there will be no tangible change in the power of our nation, or in our ability to sustain our economy.  There may be a short lived reaction, that will quickly moderate after Obama’s manipulation loses it’s grips on investor psychology.

You may think that has already taken place, however, looking at the current futures.  As of this writing, all major indices are up over 1%.