The 32-year old Norwegian man who is the prime suspect in the explosion in Oslo and a shooting in a nearby youth camp that killed 92 people is reported to have admitted responsibility to both attacks, according to his lawyer.

Anders Behring Breivik, who is currently in custody by Norwegian police, portrayed the incident as “gruesome but necessary” and would give his own explanation during a court hearing on Monday. Authorities have been talking to the suspect but described their interrogations with Breivik as difficult.

Norwegian police has so far arrested only one suspect, but has not dismissed the possibility that he may have an accomplice and that somebody else was involved in the Oslo explosion while he was directly involved in the shooting at a summer camp for teenagers in Utoya island.

Acting police chief Sveinung Sponheim on Saturday admits that they are not certain if it is really the work of just one person or if there could be more basing on the statements from witnesses.

As the whole nation mourns the victims, authorities are still trying to search for the missing. Currently, the total number of people reported missing is four and some believe they may have drowned after swimming into the lake in their attempt to escape the suspect’s shooting spree. Police are now using a mini-submarine in their search for bodies that are yet to be found.

The police has now labeled the attacks as a terrorism case.  Based on Norwegian law, the death penalty is not enforced and such acts are punishable by up to a 21-year prison term.

Many are still puzzled on what exactly is the motive for Breivik’s actions. There are reports stating that he belonged to a club of gun owners and Breivik himself is a legal firearms owner. The police stated that during the shooting, Breivik carried with him a Glock pistol and another automatic weapon.

A discussion website in Norway recently posted a link that directs to the 1,500-page e-book authored  by someone named Andrew Berwick, who also uploaded a video on YouTube entitled “Knights Templar 2083.”

The online document and the video tackled issues on multiculturalism and Muslim immigration. Many suspect that both were the work of Breivik where the author appears to be a follower of the medieval Christian organization Knights Templar.

Norway’s prime minister Jens Stoltenberg already announced it was the country’s worst atrocity experienced since the Second World War. Norway’s monarch King Harald also addressed his countrymen during a televised appearance admitting that there are still a lot of things that authorities do not know about the attacks. He exclaims that events in Utoya and Oslo were an attack to the “core of the Norwegian democracy.”