Google announced that it will soon shut down a website that provide the public with access to the company’s products in developmental stage, in a move seen as the latest step in the company’s refocusing of resources under CEO Larry Page.

That news sparked speculation that some popular features in Google’s popular services such as Gmail and Maps would also be removed.

Google Labs hosts several product prototypes on their early development stage where users can experiment on them fully aware that there will be no guarantees that they will function well or will have future applications. This allows users to provide feedback while Google makes ongoing changes and tweaks.

It also serves as hub for a number of projects developed by Google employees, who are given the freedom by the company to spend up to 20 percent of their working time on side-projects.

According to its corporate blog posted on Wednesday, Google will be ending many of the projects available on the website in what appeared to be a move to “prioritize its product efforts.” Google spokesman Jason Freidenfelds was reportedly saying that Labs for services like Gmail and Maps will not be eliminated as of yet.

In a recent company earnings conference call, co-founder and CEO Larry Page announced that the company is in the process of trimming down their number of products and services by eliminating those have never accomplished success for the company such as Google Health and Google PowerMeter, which were shut down just last month. Page assumed his role as the company’s chief executive in April.

Google plans to incorporate several of its Google Labs Android Apps into its popular Android smartphone operating system making them available in the market.

Currently, a total of 56 experimental products are available in Google Labs. There is no word yet on which products will survive and which will go to the dark. No date yet has been determined for the actual closing of the Google Labs website.