Just last February, it was reported that Chris Brown purchase an almost $2,000,000 condo unit in West Hollywood.  His condo unit that was leaked to public contained three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a bar, and even a balcony.  The entire bachelor flat covers 3,000 square foot.

And you would think that his neighbors will be more than delighted to welcome a famous singer at their midst.  But no!  Just 5 months after the said purchase, Chris Brown’s neighbors are pissed with his presence.  He is regarded by his fellow West Hollywood condo owners as “the neighbor from hell.” Here are some of the reasons why:

1)  Chris Brown parks his ride on slots that are reserved for persons with disabilities (PWD).

2)  Chris Brown’s crew constantly goes in and out of the condo unit and always plays loud music.  Neighbors who are professionals often complain to the building management at night because they couldn’t sleep.


3)  He is accused of racing his dogs along the hallway.

Imagine if you are in the same building as him.  What horror it would be to be bothered in your own home, a place that should supply you with enough peace and quiet in order to relieve stress.  It must have been really stressful for his neighbors that they took time to take photos of Chris Brown’s vehicle parked on the handicapped zone.

So when will Chris Brown finally release himself from the negative image (supposedly) portrayed to him by the media?  He should straighten up and try to live a discrete life so that the media wouldn’t focus much on his negative behavior.  The heightened exposure of Chris’s problems with his condo neighbors is due to the fact that he has had bad image in the press ever since his battery incident with Rihanna. Come on, Chris!  Focus on your music because you are very talented and I’m afraid all of these negative behavior will just put your career to rest.