Who would have thought that the sizzling hot couple’s marriage was on route towards breaking?

On July 15, 2011, the couple announced the decision of calling it quits and divorcing their marriage.  And this decision came as a surprise to everyone because the couple were seen together everywhere prior to this announcement.  One of the more recent sighting of the couple was in American Idol.  Viewers saw how intense and passionate the two felt for each other especially during the salsa performance of Marc Anthony while J.Lo was strutting her stuff on stage.  The two even ended their performance with a kiss.  The two also announced that they will have a reality show together while touring Latin America. Finally, the last the couple was seen was first week of July in a hotel in Puerto Rico.

Was there any hint or tell-tale signs that the couple’s relationship was on the rocks?  Well for one, Jennifer Lopez brought her mom during the BAFTA Brits instead of her RSVP’s hubby.  Another one was Marc Anthony’s statement during his guesting on The View.  Other than these, there were not much tell-tale signs that the couple had any misunderstandings.  It is actually very respectful of them not to expose to the public whatever it is that has gone wrong in their marriage.  In an official statement, the couple said to People magazine:

“We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters.”

“It is a painful time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.”

So what will happen to their children?  The couple has 3-year old twins, Max and Emme.  The couple are very fond of their children.  In fact, during a print-ad shoot, Jennifer Lopez chose to pose with her twins instead of posing with other kids.  This means that they are not hiding their kids from the public and they proudly show it to the press.  Since the couple is asking for their privacy, there are no indications yet as to how they will settle custody or visitation with their twins.

After seven years of marriage and a year of renewing their vows, the couple sadly announced the bitter truth.  No official statement has been released as to the real reason behind their split up.  Although there have been talks that Marc Anthony’s fidelity was questionable, it remains to be confirmed.  Another side could be, the couple just wants some buzz to make their upcoming reality show much awaited.  Whatever the reason is, let’s all hope that their children gets cared for no matter what.

This has been Marc Anthony’s second marriage and J.Lo’s third.  Marc was previously married to Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, whom he aslo has two children with.  While J.Lo has been previously married to Ojani Noa and Chris Judd.  She was engaged to actor Ben Affleck but the engagement was called off.  Both Marc and J.Lo’s love affair was kept mum to the public and even tied the knot discreetly in the Lopez residence on 2004, the year when Marc Anthony got his quickie divorce from his first marriage.