And the famous idiomatic expression, “tell it to the marines,” is not appropriate for this latest news. 

It is true!  Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake both received videod invites to the Marine Corps Ball sometime in November.

The first one to receive such a video invite is Mila Kunis.  The invitation was made by Sgt. Scott Moore.  Sgt. Moore is a  member of the US Marines who is assigned in Afghanistan. Now that he’ll be back, his band of brothers bet him to ask Mila Kunis out for the Marine Corps Ball that will be held at Greenville, North Carolina in November.  Every member in Sgt. Moore batallion did their part in sharing the video, until it reached quite a number of hits.  Lo and behold, the video got through the grapevine and landed on Mila Kunis’s laps.  While having an interview at Fox, Mila Kunis was asked if she would oblige to Sgt. Moore’s invitation.  With a little push from her “Friends with Benefits” co-star, Justin Timberlake (who said to Mila “Do it for your country”), Mila Kunis surprisingly said yes after her publicist said that they will work on her schedule.

And soon the tables have turned.  Indeed, the Marines are people that love to take risks and do everything to get what they want.  A few days after Mila’s video invite, her co-star Justin also got his own.  Corporal Kelsey De Santis, the lone female member assigned at Marine Corps Base Quantico, also sent her invite to Justin Timberlake for the Marine Corps Ball that will be held at Washington D.C. in November.  Unlike Sgt. Moore’s video, Corporal De Santis stood in front of her male counterparts, who appear very intimidating, as she asked Justin for a date.  She ended her video with “If you can’t go, all I can say is: Cry me a river.”

Up until now, Justin’s reps have not released any official reply to Corporal Kelsey’s request.  Maybe they are still figuring out Timberlake’s schedule.  However, everyone is expecting Timberlake to oblige to the lady’s invite as he was the one who also pushed Mila Kunis to oblige to Sgt. Moore’s invite.  It is only fair that Justin goes out with De Santis.

If Justin does go out with De Santis, for sure, more and more marine hopefuls or anyone for that matter will try to do the same thing as what the first two Marines did.  So who will dare make a video and ask a celebrity out on a date?  And who do you think will be that lucky celebrity?  I would choose the Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds, but words out that he is dating someone already.  Watch out for the next article about it.