With just 11 hours worth of deliberation, the 12 members of the jury finally reached a decision for all the 7 cases faced by the accused, Casey Anthony.  For the murder on the first degree of her daughter Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony was found not guilty.  For manslaughter, she was found not guilty.  However for the counts of lying to police officials, Casey Anthony was found guilty. 

While the court secretary was delivering the verdict, members of the media, as well as the crowd standing outside the courtroom gasped with surprise to hear that Casey Anthony was acquitted and got away with murder.  This case immediately brought avid viewers back to the time of OJ Simpson’s case.  His was a case that was tried by the public and have already been concluded by the public as guilty, but the jury didn’t agree with the majority.  The same has happened here with Casey’s case.  And everyone’s question is:  “Why didn’t the jury find her guilty, when it is obvious that she knew something about it?”

A lot of state lawyers and prosecutors shared their opinions as to why the jury decided as they did and pointed out the probable errors made by the prosecution that led to the ‘not guilty’ verdict.  First of all, the prosecution failed to show a slam-dunk evidence that proves the cause of death of Caylee Anthony and the perpetrator.  All the evidences presented were circumstantial and it probably led the jury to decide beyond reasonable doubt that Casey is innocent.  We have to remember that everything that happens outside the four walls of the courtroom is alien to the jury.  They have detached themselves from the prejudices made by the public because they have the responsibility to have an objective outcome and not let emotions and biases get in the way.  For sure, deep down they have felt what the general public have felt but couldn’t make it as the basis for their decision.

Another thing that may have caused the prosecution’s defeat is their plead for First Degree Murder and Death Penalty.  Some say that if the prosecution just asked for a life sentence, they might have had gotten a different verdict.

Finally, the evidences presented by the prosecutors didn’t really tell a story on how the victim, Caylee Anthony, was murdered and was dumped in a swampy area near the Anthony residence.  It was also confusing that they presented too many evidences and had too many witnesses who spoke about the case.  The duct tape that was supposedly the cause of death of Caylee was found with no DNA of the perpetrator and of the victim.  It was just circumstantial that the same kind of duct tape was found on the gas tank found in the Anthony residence.  The chloroform angle also didn’t prove that Casey used chloroform on Caylee.  Maybe the prosecution really couldn’t find one solid evidence to win the case so they decided to bring in as many as they can find with the hopes of getting one that can sway the jury.

This is just like the OJ Simpson case.  The prosecution could slam dunk the case because the blood found of OJ was tested and position of a chemical that is used to preserve blood.  Due to that, it gave OJ another chance for freedom even if people already judged him to be guilty.

At the end of this drama, should we focus our attention to the jury and blame them for not deciding as we want them to?  None of the members of the jury wish to speak in front of the media because they know that they will receive nothing but scrutiny from the public.  Then again we have to remember that they have the greater responsibility and they had to rise above the public eye and focus on what the evidences tell them.  I think they just did what they had to do and what they asked to do by Judge Belvin.

And so Casey Anthony is free and just awaits Judge Belvin’s verdict with regard to Casey Anthony’s guilty charge for lying to police officers.  For sure, she will just serve a measly year or even less.  Does that give justice to the poor girl, who deserves a quality life?  If Casey is not the real perpetrator, then who is?  As happy as she is to hear the words “Not Guilty” being uttered, she should not feel relieved but all the more unhappy because the real murderer (if it’s not her) is out there and can cause harm to someone else’s child. 

Also, what will happen to Casey after all this.  She has accused her father of sexually abusing her, although not accepted by Judge Belvin.  Will she not be accepted back in her family after bringing so much drama?  So where will she go?  Will she have more freedom partying and enjoying her freedom?

What is your opinion on this?