People who are glued to their television sets must be making their own verdict as of this very moment.  For sure, they have imagined themselves seated with the rest of the jurors listening intently for loops and holes in the Casey Anthony case.  After more than 30 days in the court room, the entire nation now awaits as the life and the future of Casey Anthony rests on the hands of 12 jury members.

It had been an emotional rollercoaster for the entire Anthony family.  Casey’s parents, Cindy and George, both took the witness stands and almost always left their seats in tears either defending themselves or their daughter.  Even the controversial brother, Lee, took the witness stands and became too emotional when asked about his knowledge of Casey’s pregnancy (which left the entire nation wondering?).  Adding to this great big circus are the countless witnesses who took their oaths and gave their own information regarding the death of the victim, Casey’s daugther, Caylee.

After long days in the court room, the prosecution battling it out with the defense, it all came to an end.  The much awaited closing statements of both parties have been heard by the millions of viewers who took part on this journey.  The prosecution, led by Jeff Ashton, started his closing statement by showing a video of Casey and daughter Caylee during a happy moment in their lives.  He then proceeded that Casey’s life has been so limited by the presence of her daughter.  He told the jury that Casey had a choice between a life with a child or a life being free. And she chose to be free.  He then gave i detail how Casey lies covered other lies and how smart she is to even remember and take note of her lies.  Finally, he showed the duct tape that is found in Caylee’s body and the same kind of duct tape found in Casey’s gas tank.  The prosecution’s arguments seemed to be full proof as of that moment.

Following the prosecution’s statements is the defense team led by Jose Baez.  Prior to the rebuttal, Judge Belvin Perry did not allow the defense team to include sexual abuse in the rebuttal as the court didn’t find any strong evidence to prove otherwise.  Taking away that essential piece of the defense’s puzzle, people thought that it was the end of Baez.  However, he stood in the middle of the court room and started his rebuttal by pointing out that the prosecution doesn’t really have strong evidence to point out Caylee’s cause of death.  He said that at first it was chloroform and then duct tape and then back to chloroform.  Baez then continues with the defense’s stand that Caylee died from drowning and George Anthony made it look as if it was a murder by throwing the body elsewhere.  Baez also pointed out that the prosecution wasn’t able to point out the cause of the stains in Casey’s trunk and if it was caused by a decomposing body.  Finally, Baez said that the lies and imaginary people made up by Casey was due to the fact that she was stressed by Caylee’s death and that it was her way of coping with the loss.

Both parties had strong arguments.  Both presented evidences and witnesses that showed direction towards the truth.  But what will happen during the verdict.  The jury had already more than 8 hours of deliberation.  How many more days do they need to reach a verdict.  Casey Anthony is facing 7 different cases but the ultimate one is whether she premeditated the death of her daughter.  If so, this can bring her to the death penalty.

Judge Perry pointed out 3 important details that need to be proven for a crime to be considered as a first degree murder:

1)  It has to premeditated.

2)  Casey Anthony’s criminal act must have caused the death of Caley.

3)  The victim must be proven dead.

If all these three conditions are satisfied then there is a great chance that Casey Anthony will be found guilty and thrown in death penalty.  Be reminded that Casey claimed to be not guilty.

Let us just wait and see how things will unfold in the next few days.  This is already causing a great deal in Florida and the rest of USA.  People have been vocal with regard to defending or prosecuting Casey.  If this case ends like football legend, O.J. Simpson, for sure a lot will be devastated as Casey has been tried before by the public and has been seen guilty by a lot of viewers.  But let us all remember, it is now in the hands of the 12 jurors and whatever the outcome is, let’s just pray that justice is served to those who truly deserve it.