I guess there is no end to all these intrigues.  2011 might just be the year of scandals, infidelities, and unexpected revelations in both politics and entertainment.

Now the spotlight is shifted to Salma Hayek’s tycoon of a husband, François-Henri Pinault.  Why you might ask?  Well because there are talks that while he and Salma were dating and conceiving their first baby, supermodel Linda Evangelista was also impregnated by him. 

It took 4 years before this surprising news broke out.  Both Hayek and Evangelista gave birth to their babies on 2007.  Linda Evangelista kept mum about the real father of her baby.  She said that the father is a New York architect, maybe to protect the image of the real father.  But just recently, in the Manhattan court, it was confirmed that Linda Evangelista filed for child support.  And who was the father being sued?  None other than François-Henri Pinault. 

When this was revealed, everyone started counting backwards until the time the two beautiful lasses were impregnated.  Alas, the computation says that when Linda Evangelista conceived the baby, it was during the time when Hayek and Pinault were on a “relationship break.”  It has been known to all that Hayek and Pinault had an on and off relationship.  This even persisted until their wedding, when the two broke off their engagement in 2008 and eventually got hitched in 2009.  However, since their wedding, the relationship stabilized.  And what perfect timing for Linda Evangelista to claim child support!

The question now is, “Does Salma know that his hubby fathered another baby while they were still dating?” In different interviews given to her, she always proclaimed that Pinault only has 3 children – her Valentina and 2 from his previous marriage.  So that doesn’t count Evangelista’s baby.

In court though, the Magistrate called upon Pinault’s lawyer to meet up with Evangelista but to no avail.  Evangelista left the courtroom irritated after her fourth attempt to meet with Pinault.  Pinault’s lawyer, hotshot David Aronson, said there was just a misunderstanding (referring the the no-show of Pinault in court). 

Oh well, if Pinault truly is the father, then he has to support Evangelista’s baby.  That is just dimes out of his billion-worth pocket.  Maybe he doesn’t want to own Evangelista’s baby out of fear that Hayek will discover all these happened when they were together.  Whatever it is, the truth shall prevail as in all other scandals.