Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is found guilty for attempting to sell Obama’s vacated Senate seat.  The decision was given on Monday, June 27 and according to some of the members of the jury the evidences against the former governor were overwhelming most especially the recorded conversations of the governor with his Chief-of-Staff. 

It was more that a couple of years ago when the FBI started having doubts about the suspicious intentions of the governor.  Due to this, the Feds wiretapped the office of the governor and harvested a lot of recordings that were crucial in incriminating the governor.  Some of the recordings were used as proof that the governor wanted to use his position to gain money.  According to the tapes, the governor uttered words such as “I want to make money,”  “f***ing golden,” and “for f***ing nothing” – all of which referred to his power to appoint the replacement of Obama in the Senate.  Because of these wiretapped conversations, even John Harris, the Chief-of-Staff, even got convicted.

Upon hearing the guilty charge, Governor Blagojevich turned to his lawyers and asked “What happened?”  He didn’t expect the negative turnout and his wife just fell into tears.  The couple, including the defense lawyers, were shattered by this.  The governor said that he has learned a lot from the experience and one of which is to keep his mouth shut.  He and his wife’s next move is to get home the soonest and discuss with their children what had happened and what will happen as a result.

Following the guilty charge will be his sentence.  Some say that the governor might be given at least 10 years in jail to serve the 17 out of the 20 cases against him – and all of these are the minor crimes that the governor has committed.  He still has pending cases for corruption.  If all these were to be found as committed by the governor, he might not be able to see the light of day outside the prison cell.

It has been a rough political arena in Chicago.  I guess it is living up to the old Chicago repuation.  Imagine two consecutive Illinois governors were found guilty of criminal acts and both sent to jail.  What does the future hold for Chicago?  It is really troubling to hear that politicians are involved in so many scandals  but more troubling to hear that some use the resources of the country for their own sake.  How can we expect the country to rise above the current economic slump if the politicians are self-serving people?