You can never be sure if the person whom you have the longest relationship with will be your last.  This is proven true by two British actors who met through a movie “Dream House” where they play husband and wife.  Never anticipating that the movie will play matchmaker to these two but sources say that they two instantly fell in love soon after.  Want to know who these two are? These two are  hunky British actor Daniel Craig and radiant British actress Rachel Weisz.  They secretly married on June 22 according to a British newspaper.

Prior to getting married, both had long standing relationships.  James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, had been with Satsuki Mitchell for 5 years while The Mummy actress, Rachel Weisz, had been with Black Swan director Darren Aronovsky for 9 years.  Rachel Weisz was even set to marry the director whom she also shares a 4 year old son with.  Unfortunately, Darren and Rachel announced their separation on November 2010, a time when Daniel and Rachel were shooting their film.  Daniel has an almost adult daughter from a previous relationship.

Their hush hush wedding took place in New York and was just witnessed by four people – two of whom are the actors children and the other two were close friends.  Craig’s PR, Robin Baun, confirmed the news but didn’t add any details.  Both actors have been secretly dating and wanted to maintain the discretion even after getting married.  According to the PR, both Craig and Weisz insisted on making the wedding uber simple and want to live quiet lives away from the limelight.  May the paparazzis respect the wishes of the couple.

Congratulations to the newly weds!