Lindsay Lohan went back to the LAX Courthouse yesterday, June 23, 2011 due to failing an alcohol test done on June 13. 

Lohan, who is serving a house arrest for theft, was photographed partying on the rooftop of her Venice beach house unit.  A day after the party, she was tested positive for alcohol, which led her back to meet Judge Stephanie Sautner.  Fortunately for LiLo, Judge Stephanie found out that the previous judge, Judge Elden Fox, ruled Lohan to be monitored for alcohol between January 3 to February 25 only.  This techinicality, discovered by Judge Sautner, gave LiLo another chance to continue her detention in the comforts of her home and not in the correctional facility.

Wearing a blue pinstripped blouse and dark trousers, Lilo graciously accepted Judge Sautner’s final restrictions – that LiLo can only accept one guest at a time in her home, aside from family members, while she’s serving her house arrest. 

From now on, the Probation Department can not test Lilo for drugs or alcohol for Judge Fox’s ruling expired last February 25.  Meanwhile, Judge Sautner adviced Lilo to use her better judgement so that she can go on with her life.

Well, when comes to LiLo “getting on with her life” means more parties and more juvenile activities.  She hasn’t learned a bit.