Rumors spread like wildfire.  A few days ago, news about Harry Potter sensation, Emma Watson, said that she is dating her co-star Johnny Simmons.  She and Johnny met at the set of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”  According to Hollywood Life, the two young stars met and fell in love almost immediately.  It also added that Emma Watson, who claimed will never date a showbiz personality and will never move to Los Angeles, is now thinking of moving near Hollywood where Simmons resides.

While a lot of the actresses fans were excited with this news, the camp of Watson was not at all happy.  The spokesperson of Watson immediately denied rumors of Watson exclusively dating Simmons.  In an interview, Watson’s rep said “This is completely untrue and we have no idea where these rumours have stemmed from.”

It would have been nice to see these two young actors going out together.  They have a chemistry that maybe they haven’t yet explored but seen by onlookers.  It must have been this chemistry plus the fact that they were photographed walking and jogging one early morning that gossipers concluded that the two are actually in love with each other.  Watson and Simmons are shooting a film in Pennsylvania where they were photographed exercising together.

Emma Watson may be a showbiz personality but it is just a job for her.  She doesn’t like the limelight; she is a private person.  She already moved out of Brown University and decided to pack her things and move back to England to continue her studies there.  One thing that is definite with Emma Watson, though, is she wants to fall in love someday and have kids in the future.  As to who she is looking for, she said “I want someone with kindness, good manners, intelligence, confidence …and someone who can make me laugh. Manners are important.”

She has dated quite a number of lucky lads before but someone has yet capture the heart of this intelligent, strong, and beautiful young lady.