Just a few weeks back, New York Representative Anthony Weiner vehemently denied in public that a lewd photo (reportedly his) of a male crotch was not of his doing and that hackers and posers were behind it.   During an interview he insisted that “I was pranked.  I was hacked.  I was punked.  Someone sent out a picture.  Im an easy name to made fun of…” 

Following that public denial, more photos were released in the net showing Rep. Weiner’s bare chest apparently taken to impress women he met online.  With these new photos, showing Weiner’s face, he went public and apologized for his actions and apologized to his wife.  In addition, he also said that amidst the personal crisis he is undertaking, he will still continue to be New York’s Representative and stand for what he and his party believe in.  As he declared during his press conference, “I’m not resigning and I’m going to try very hard to go back to work as a better person and a better man and a better husband too.”

Regardless of his initial decision, a lot of fellow Democrats such as Rep. Pelosi and Rep. Israel advised him to step down.  He was advised to do so to release the rest of the Democrats of any interruptions caused by Weiner’s actions and to continue the crusade of the Democrats with the more pertinent issues.  Even Pres. Obama said that if it happened to him, he will resign.

Most likely the pressure posed by fellow Democrats and some New Yorkers made Representative Weiner retract, once again, what he first said.  On a press conference at a Senior Citizen’s Center, he announced his resignation publicly.  He said “I hope to be able to continue the work that the citizens of my district elected me to do.  Unfortunately, the distractions that I have created made that impossible to do.”   

This resignation releases the Democrats of any untoward attack that may cause strain to their fight for Health and Nutrition.  It is a more important issue that may benefit more Americans than just to waste time and energy defend a party-mate.  And some of his fellow Democrats showed relief when Weiner decided to finally step down.  In New York, on the other hand, citizens have opposing opinions on the decision of Weiner to resign.  Some said that even if he had made a personal mistake, Weiner still did his job as representative to the best of his abilities.  While others were elated that he stepped down and hoped that someone better will replace the emptied position.

I guess there will always be that one politician that will be exposed and judged due to infidelity or extra-marital scandals.  This is something that happens to any ordinary person and politicians or public figures are no exemption.  Unfortunately since they are leaders of the country, politicians who are caught doing something immoral will immediately be judged by the public and not given any second chances.  They should all learn from Weiner’s case.