A week ago, Tracy Morgan did a stand-up comic show in a Comedy Bar in Nashville, TN.  During the said show, Tracy Morgan uttered some derogatory, homophobic rant that offended some of the audience members, who chose to stand up and walk out of the show.  Part of his show for the night was talking about gays and he said “Gays need to quit being pussies and not be whining about insignificant about bullying.”  It gets worst as the show went on.  He adds “My son better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I’ll take out a knife and stab that little n*gg*r to death.”  But the one that really crossed the line and was below the belt was his remark “God don’t make no mistakes.”  He made this remark to make a point that being gay is a choice and that it was a mistake if gays are born as they are.

As soon as Tracy realized the effects of his foul jokes, he released a formal apology for his actions.  He, himself, agreed that his choice of material was far too offensive for the gay and lesbian community.

Regardless of Morgan’s apologies, those foul homophobic remarks created a media frenzy.  Other comics spoke out either to defend the 30 Rock actor or to condemn him some more.  Tina Fey, a co-actor and writer of 30 Rock, came in defense of Morgan saying that it is not the nature of Morgan to speak so negatively as he is not a “hateful man and too sleepy and self-centered to hurt another person.”  But she also adds that the words of Morgan disturbed her because his homophobic rant timed with the current hate crimes that happen to gays and lesbians.

Another comedian, Chris Rock, had to even retract his prior defense statements for Morgan.  When he had the opportunity to read the entire script of Morgan, Rock said that it was overboard and that it should have been filtered out of the script.  Chris Rock even tweeted “wow i get it that s**t wasn’t called for and i don’t support it at all. now can i please go to the tony awards [tonight] without getting my a** kicked.”

Even the girls from The View had a heated argument about Tracy Morgan’s jokes.  Joy Behar really took offense of what Morgan had said and added that she, as a comedienne, would often target the powerful, the rich, or politicians as her subjects but not the weak such as the gay and lesbian community.  Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg spoke in slight defense of Morgan saying that comedians all make mistakes and sometimes a comic’s script comes out bad. 

Luckily for Tracy Morgan, who is currently at the trenches battling the rocks being cast at him, was still awarded the Best Actor in a Comedy Series at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. 

Morgan is always presumed to be the same person as Tracy Jordan, the role he plays in 30 Rock.  People forget the the stand-up comic Jordan really has knack for slapstick that borderlines insult.  For sure he will learn a lot from this experience.  Hopefully, he can still be given another chance as he is truly a great comic; it just so happens that he had a bad material during that night in Nashville and he made a mistake of performing it.