The European Union’s message to Greece is effectively, “Times Up!” With the Euro down close to 2% against the dollar in today’s trading (at the time of this writing), the entire Union’s stability seems to hang on the management, and potential redistribution of debt to member nations.

The redistribution is not the Obama style take money from the rich, and give it to the poor.  This is a take debt from the poor and give it to the rich! The growing sentiment seems to be one of Greece being unable to pay off their debt under any circumstance, and with default, sending the losses back throughout the entire EU conglomerate.

In the face of further spending cuts, the Greek public continues to grow restless, and is escalating their level of protest. What they are actually protesting for remains unlikely to come to fruition: no austerity.

Could this be the start of a mass emigration from the country? Those with some level of means and talent seeking better opportunities in other parts of the EU?