Once elected, could anyone actually state the vision Obama had set out for the nation? The tired old rhetoric of “change” and “hope” has now long past. What keeps him going? What does Obama truly stand for, and where does he see our country headed? At this juncture, it doesn’t seem much thought was given to anything by Obama, or his campaign, other than winning the election!

A lack of vision, for a leader, is a fatal flaw. What is it, that your enterprise, or nation in this situation, should strive to become. What is the value that you want your followers to bring forward? Honestly, that’s an easy one to answer for any good executive. Let’s take the example of a fast food restaurant. A vision for such an organization would be some to the effect of, “to create the highest quality food, with the best service and value for our customers.” Interesting, huh? Here is a simple statement, that speaks volumes. The value that he want’s his company to bring is clearly spelled out for all of his employees. Every action that they make should be tied then to this overall mission/vision that has been set forth. Some may argue the validity of the inherent value, and may suggest amendments, but the concept remains: define a future state of existence that produces value to stakeholders in general.

For the United States, the primary stakeholders are the people. One could argue that there are more, but in essence, all voting shares are held by US Citizens. In any event, what course of action, or direction has President Obama posed that will lead us towards any kind of tangible value in a future state? This would also include items that I consider to be perceived value, such as additional entitlement programs. Whatever the politics involved are, or the associated core values he holds, there has yet to be any indication of how they are translated into a vision or direction for the nation. Obama is vacant, and absent of all capacity that you’d expect of a leader at his level; that is, his level of position, not intellect, or any other measured that was used to compare him to President Bush.

Bush at the very least, did give us direction. Remember the “ownership society?” This was then to be implemented through a series of actions which passed beyond just home ownership. Cuts in dividend income and capital gains taxes are two other examples of the strategy employed to meet his vision. He wanted everyone in the country to get in the game, so to speak.

I have absolutely no idea what Obama’s vision is. “Change, hope,” or any other nonsensical campaign slogan just doesn’t cut it. Where is he taking the country? He has not disclosed this at all, and continues to operate in a dangerously reactionary capacity.