After the so-called “Wedding of the Century” of Prince William and Kate Middleton, commoners thought that the limelight will be focused on the beautiful new princess.  But no.  The limelight is equally shared with Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton.  Even before the Royal Wedding, a lot of news already broke out about Pippa and her party days.  Some even released topless photos of the young lady.

Recently, media and paparazzis circled around Pippa once again and this time, they are all prying about her lovelife.  Who is Kate’s younger sis really steady with?  Here’s a short history about Pippa’s lovelife:

During her Edinburgh University days, Pippa used to date George Percy who is now one of the most eligible bachelors in England worth more than $500M of inheritance.  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for the two.

A year ago, Pippa started going out with Prince William’s Eton friends, Alex Loudon.  A city broker, ex-professional cricket player, Alex is known to be a quiet and reserved person.  Ever since the Royal Wedding, Pippa started gaining popularity and has been introduced to higher circles of society which Alex didn’t really find much appealing.  It has been said that their relationship started to head to different directions.  Alas, rumors now spread that the two have broken up after a year of dating.

Here’s where it gets more interesting.  A month prior to the rumored break-up, Pippa was seen with George Percy again.  George, who is now managing an energy firm and is also a member of a royal family, is said to have hired Pippa to be part of his firm.  Meanwhile, the two were also seen vacationing in Madrid, watching tennis together,and having a 3-hour dinner in a posh London restaurant.  The family’s spokesperson chose to keep silent about the issue and just said that the relationship is purely “Platonic.”

Whatever it is, speculations still surface that Pippa has gotten used to the fame and exposed to the fortune and wants what her older sister has.  Staying with the laid back Alex will not give her the opportunity to be out with high society folks.  Meanwhile, with George, she will with be the society high.  It will be sad if these speculations are true.  Pippa captivated England when she marched as maid-of-honor in her regal white gown, where she bore an image of purity and innocence.  With all these news, Pippa may not be as innocent as people think she is.