Recall from the 2008 Presidential election, that a promise made by Barak Obama, was to not only remediate the impending downturn in the general economy, but to also exploit the opportunity to retool our nation into a green industrial machine. Nearly three years later, nothing.

No research and development policy, no tax incentives, no credits, no bail out money, absolutely nothing for green initiatives. Another empty promise from a true politician.

As we have already noted in previous articles, the real issue is Obama’s lack of vision for the United States. It is the responsibility of the President to set the Nation’s agenda, and shed light onto pressing issues. It takes a considerable amount of leadership and courage to execute, neither of which Obama actually possesses.

Back on the topic of green jobs, Obama was recently spotted at Cree (NASDAQ: CREE), observing the LED maker in action.  Of course, this in light of the democratic congress’ decision a few years ago to stop making traditional light bulbs in favor of its more energy efficient LED based counterparts.

A little odd, don’t you think? Especially considering that each new LED bulb will cost a staggering $50! If your looking for an investment, maybe the DNC driven LED upgrade cycle is it (I am joking here, not giving any stock advice).

In any case, again, a very specific action, unrelated to any direct Obama administration policy is now being assailed as a “step in the right direction” for jobs. Let’s see what the weekly claims report looks like tomorrow with the current estimate running at about 420,000.

But again, there is no true goal or target for the nation to strive for.  None of his policy decisions can be traced back to a fundamental principal that drives his Presidency.

So for all of the environmental hopefuls, the idea of a clean energy future have all but dissipated. What will be of real interest is if the very same promises reemerge as we get closer to the 2012 election.  Will they again find there way into the platform of policy elements that he will profess to stand by? Stay tuned.