It has come as a shock when Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted that he has taken explicit, inappropriate photos of himself and has been involved in a quite a number of cyber extra-marital affairs.  How he was forced to admit this explicit deed is quite a story.

We can just recall that last May 2011, he denied allegations that he posted a picture of his boxer brief with his bulging penis through his yfrog account, which thousands of his followers can openly see.  The photo was sent to a college girl named Genette Cordova. 

A few days later blogger Andrew Breitbart exposed a photo of Rep. Weiner showing his shirtless chest and said that the Congressman sent it to another woman.  He added that there are more lewd photos of the Congressman that he can still expose.

Being cornered, Rep. Weiner called for a press conference and admitted of doing the deed teary eyed.  He also admitted to having six inappopriate relationships for the past three years.  Standing behind the microphones without even the shadow of his wife, he still proclaimed that his wife, Huma Abedin, still fully supports him and his decision of not stepping down as Congressman.

It is so unfortunate of Rep. Weiner because when Andrew Breitbart guested in The Opie and Anthony Radio Show, the nude photos of Rep. Weiner was captured by the station’s cameraman.  Because of this, the photo has been released in Twitter and is now circulating the web.  It was not the intent, or was it?, of Breitbart and he immediately regretted his decision to show the two hosts the pictures.

It is also so unfortunate of his wife, Huma Abedin who has been known to be Hilary Clinton’s personal aide for so many years, to have undergone something that her boss has experienced from Bill Clinton. Both women almost led parallel lives so to speak – having been exposed to politics, having been married to politicians, and later on been hurt by their spouses’ involvement in extra marital affairs.

Rep. Weiner might be trying to avoid further embarassment from his impulsive behavior by being quiet but he has no escape from this.  Businesses even use this shameful event as a marketing strategy – Spirit Airlines released their Weiner promo that is “hard to resist,” condom makers made “Protect your Weiner” rubbers, and even Donald Trump exclaimed that Weiner is a “psycho.”

All of this rollercoaster event, which people are making fun of, will eventually cause a ripple effect on politics.  One effect already is the hush hush that Alec Baldwin wants to run for Mayor as Weiner’s hopes of being the bet for that seat diminishes.  Slowly, everyone would feel the effect of one man’s poor judgments.  And so Rep. Weiner would have to take all the blame and all the ridicule that he has brought to himself.  For sure, in a few days, more and more photos and maybe even the women will surface and add to this media-frenzied issue.