Yes, you read it right.  Alec Baldwin wants to give politics a try.  And this ambition is not an impulsive, slip-of-the-tongue remark.  Unlike Trump, Baldwin has been vocal about his intentions of joining politics ever since he was in his thirties.  More than a decade ago, in an interview, he said that politicians usually lead at the age of 50 and added that he’s just earning more experiences so he’ll be ready for politics when he reaches 50. 

What even encouraged this 30 Rock star is the scandal involving Weiner, who just lost his reputation of becoming the Mayor of New York by 2013.  Ecstatic, Baldwin said that this just changed the dynamics of politics and even hinted that the Democrats need a high-profile candidate and he might be ‘it’.

Another thing that could confirm Baldwin’s intent of joining the political arena by 2013 is his announcement that 2012 will be his last year as the lead in 30 Rock.  For sure, avid 30 Rock viewers would be saddened by this decision because he carries his role as Jack Donaghy very well. 

Having these hints, it is becoming more evident that Alec Baldwin really wants the Mayoralty position.  The question is: Is he capable enough?  For sure, voters would easily picture Baldwin as the fickle and dependent Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock, needing a Liz Lemon to always save his face when push comes to shove.  Is politics becoming a novelty?  First it was Arnold Schwazenegger, who ended his political career with a big love-child scandal.  Now, it’s Alec Baldwin.  He is taking advantage of Weiner’s shameful exit from the political limelight but forgetting that he also had a scandalous past and worst, involves his daughter.  We can recall that Baldwin regarded his daughter as a “thoughtless little pig” a few years back.  And most recently, was rushed to the emergency room when his daughter called 911 after receiving threats from Alec of taking sleeping pills. 

How will he lead New York as Mayor if he wins?  Will his temper take the best of him under the pressures of politics?  We will only find out once he runs for the position and wins it.  Will you vote for him?