Tory Burch, a top american fashion designer and business woman has won a $164 Million lawsuit against online counterfeiters which had been illegally selling fake bags, shoes, accessories and clothing in the web. The lawsuit was filed by Burch last December 2010 after an alarming high rate of counterfeit bags and accessories in the auction markets.

Aside from the $164 Million monetary damages awarded to Tory Burch, the court also awarded her control of the more than 200 web sites used for the auction and selling of her counterfeit products. Tory Burch is also now protected by the court for upcoming websites that has plans on selling fake Tory Burch bags and accessories. So far, Burch has collected hundreds of thousands from online payment system PayPal, the monetary mode of payment for the transaction of the counterfeited products.

According to the legal team of Tory Burch, their move of filing lawsuits was inspired by the success of Polo Ralph Lauren and The North Face in stopping a chain of Chinese counterfeiters. Both Polo Ralph Lauren and The North Face received $71 Million and the control of the PayPal accounts used in more than 100 counterfeiting fashion sites.

Tory Burch $164 Million monetary damages claim is the biggest so far in fashion counterfeiters. Another famous fashion counterfeiting case was when eBay Inc. was forced to pay Louis Vuitton $61 million due to auctions of counterfeited LV bags and accessories at