Vsee, a software that provides peer-to-peer video conferencing similar to skype but much secured and supports other application, video sharing, desktop sharing, file transfer and multi-party conferencing receives funding from the leading CRM (Customer Relationship Provider) company Salesforce.

The amount was not known for the funding was disclosed but analysts expects the venture to be a multi-million dollar funding. Salesforce had been funding and acquiring tech companies for the past years. Just this year, Salesforce acquired DimDim, a web conferencing provider company for $31 Million in cash.

Vsee, with its new funding will be able to penetrate better the enterprise industry, currentlyVsee has more than 5000 enterprise clients including IBM, Shell, NASA, IRS, US Congress, FBI, Navy SEALs, and US Intelligence Agencies. The client roster proves that Vsee is the choice when it comes to secured peer-to-peer video conferencing over Skype.

Skype has been in the controversy lately when it was purchased by Microsoft for $8.5 Billion dollars. Analysts questions what will be the future of Skype, whether it will be a part of the Microsoft enterprise solution or continues its free services and whether it will still support non-microsoft platform such Apple.

With Vsee’s continued seed funding, the rivalry between Skype and Vsee will also continues, the only difference is that Vsee seems to be on the winning side of the competition.