There are two things that preoccupy Blake Lively’s life now. 

The first and probably the more controversial is her nude photo scandal.  On May 31, pictures of a blonde girl with a spitting image of Blake debuted the net.  The pictures were taken by the girl herself, via her iPhone.  Blake Lively’s spokesperson, Leslie Sloan, vehemently denied that the Gossip Girl star is the subject of these photos and said the photos are fake.  She also added that Blake never took nude pictures of herself.  Those who are proven to be behind this atrocious action, including the sites that posted the pictures, might face legal action from Blake Lively’s camp. 

Looking at the controversial photos will really make viewers conclude that the person holding the iPhone is Blake.  The easy giveaway is the actress’s facial mole.  However, the other pictures without her face shows two star tattoos on the shoulders, which fans say that Blake doesn’t have.  Without influencing anyone’s judgements and conclusions, you can view the pictures for yourself and assess whether it is Blake or not.

The other controversial issue involving Blake is the status of her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Following the release of her photo holding hands with Leo was the release of her alleged nude photos.  Going back to the issue with Leo, the relationship was said to have started during the Cannes Film Festival, which was only a few weeks after Leo’s split-up with Bar Refaeli.  The have been dating in Europe from France to Italy and Leo is obviously swooning over Blake.  With the way things are developing, Blake is definitely not letting the nude photo scandal get in the way of her blossoming relationship with Leo.  Whether this is a fling or not, let us wait for things to unfold.  Nevertheless, Blake is getting the best out of this because she is able to hang out with Leo’s friends like Steven Spielberg.