Thankful that Oprah’s talk show already made a final curtain call, ABC announced that newly signed talent Katie Couric will appear as their new daytime talk show host.  The show that will debut in September 2012 will be partly owned by Couric herself and will be her reunion with old NBC producer Jeff Zucker.  It has been known that Couric’s career started flourishing within the NBC compound as one of the hosts of the “Today” show.  And not fairly new to the daytime arena, Couric knows that her show, title has yet to be announced, needs to be able to capture a wide scope of audience for it to survive the highly competitive time slot.  The ending of Oprah’s show can be a good indication that Couric’s show can capture Oprah’s audiences.

As Couric show will be shown in the afternoon, it is expected that it will run over some of ABC’s formidable afternoon shows.  One of which is “General Hospital.”  Viewers of the long-running General Hospital are now asking whether the show will be axed or will be moved to another time slot to make way for Couric’s show.  We can recall that a few months back, two shows (All My Children and One Life to Live) we axed to give way to new shows.  Due to this, ABC didn’t want to further increase the ‘fury’ of soap watchers and announced that General Hospital is still supported by the network.

Other than Couric’s talk show in ABC, she will still be given an assignment in news casting probably in the evening news.  Katie Couric is still a highly credible image behind the news casting scene and taking her entirely out of that spectrum is a great loss to the news industry.  This is probably the best scenario that Katie Couric can see herself in – being a talk show host, which is her number one priority now and still continuing news casting to strengthen ABC’s news outfit.

Witty and confident as she, we can expect her talk show to be interesting as it targets to tackle real-life situations from ordinary to extraordinary people.  Let’s just all hope that she gets the best producers and writers so that the show can flourish and make its own niche in the talk show arena and not be a second best to Oprah’s now defunct show.