LUCE, a solar powered panel PC concept by industrial designer Andrea Ponti could be the greenest laptop to hit the market. While there are “green” laptops and notebooks in the market, Ponti’s concept and design is different for it does rely only solar energy and its battery is only powered by solar panels attached on the computer.

The computer physical architecture has two solar panels, a solar panel at the back of the monitor and as big as the monitor itself or the screen and an smaller solar panel below the keyboard. Although the solar panels on the laptop is possible, Ponti’s idea has not yet been tested. It is also worth taking note that laptops screen resolution and brightness must be adjusted when used outside and directly facing the sunlight compared to indoors.

The solar powered laptop will be made of clear polycarbonate and weighs about four pounds. It made a big impression during the Fujitsu’s 2011 design competitions but there is still no confirmation whether Fujitsu has plans on pitching it as the next product.

Another company, a leader of mobile computing, Apple is actually panning of releasing a solar powered laptop too. It has filed a patent for its design already. A bit similar with Andrea Ponti;s concept of using a solar panel at the back of the screen.

If Fujitsu will not pursue with the solar powered laptop, then lets expect a solar powered Mac then.

A concept of solar powered Mac with "fold down" solar panel.