Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn had fallen in and out of love in a flash.  It is quite inevitable that the relationship would not last as both just went through divorces for their previous marriages.  Penn just finalized his divorce with Robin Wright while Johansson officially divorced hunky ex-husband Ryan Reynolds. 

 The 26 year old actress and the 50 year old critically acclaimed actor had kept their relationship in the down low, earlier this year.  Rumors say that their relationship began during the Black Swan party.  Speculations started forming after the said party that the two were smitten by each other and would often have love escapades.  TMZ even released a picture where Scarlett’s leg was on Sean’s thigh while the lovebirds were having lunch in Versailles early March 2011. 

Then finally the speculations ended and were confirmed, when Scarlett brought Sean as her date to Reese Witherspoon’s wedding with Jim Toth on March 2011.  After the wedding, the two went to a bar where, after a few drinks, bar patrons saw Scarlett on Sean lap.     

A couple of weeks following the wedding date, the couple were seen jogging with Owen Wilson in the streets of LA on April 2011.  Rumors spread that the two were already living together.

And then on May, the two, who came in separately, attended the White House Correspondents dinner.  But later that evening, escaped through the back door and exited the dinner holding hands.  Prior to their exit, sources say that the two were making out amidst high profile personalities such as the President himself.  Here, the two bonded about their love for politics and whatever they stand for.

Now, things started going downhill from here.  On June 3, rumors started circulating that the two had split up.  The two ended their whirlwind romance but sources still don’t know the reason behind the breakup.  It might just have been a case of a love on the rebound.  The two just underwent heartbreaking, as well as, pocket-slashing divorces and, for sure, that common denominator played a big part in bringing the two closer.  What else did the two have in common except for that and their advocacy for the victims in Haiti?