For those who watched last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, what do think of the Ashley and the dates?  If you failed to watch it, here’s a short recap.  The night started with Chris Harisson personally giving the first date card which invites the dimpled William to a one-on-one date in Las Vegas.  Ashley arrived that morning driving a top-down sports car and picked up William and drove to the airport.  Upon arriving in Sin City, Ashley brought William to a bakeshop to taste test some cakes.  There William realized that he is participating in a mock wedding preparations.  They passed by a jewelry store and tried on some rings and ended the afternoon in a chapel where a minister sort of gave the a mock wedding rite.  In the evening, the two rode a row boat towards the side of the Belaggio fountain where a steady gazebo awaits them with dinner. 

That date was really romantic but one thing that really ruined the moment were those fans that kept screaming “We love you, Ashley.”  Some even applauded when the two locked lips while the fountain bursted with water.  However, William captivated Ashley’s attention when he revealed about his father’s alcoholism which, he finds out later, that Ashley is experiencing with her father.

The next date was a group date with about 12 men who were all flown to Vegas.  The 12 men were separated into 2 groups (The Best Men and No Rhythm Nation) and had to win a dance off in order to continue with the group date.  Supervised by the talents from Jabawockeez, No Rhythm Nation won the dance showdown.  The group were composed of Bentley, West, Nick, Lucas, Blake, and Ben F.  It was during that evening when Bentley’s true intentions for Ashley was exposed, at the same time, exposed how Ashley feels for Bentley.  So we could expect some tears from Ashley because, apparently her tipper was right about Bentley being in the show for the wrong reasons.  What is confusing is the true intentions of Bentley in joining the show.  What is he promoting?  Is he like Wes in the previous season, who just joined to boost his singing career?  Ashley should have trusted her friend more than her emotions with Bentley.

Lastly, a date between Mickey and Ashley occurred, which he won by the way via a coin toss versus JP.  The two had an intimate dinner and I guess Ashley had a bit of fun with Mickey.  Mickey just appears a little too serious and uptight with Ashley.   Maybe he is not used to all the light and cameras hovering around them. But Mickey also opened up and told Ashley about his mom’s death.  At the date ended with a band serenading them.

Back at the mansion, all the other guys who haven’t had a date with Ashley were fighting for a bit of her time to get that rose.  JP was the fastest of them all, stealing Ashley away from the group.  He immediately played the coin toss game for a kiss from Ashley and luck seemed to be on his side.  Meanwhile, William’s overconfidence seemed to tick off the other men in the mansion, telling them what to do to get the rose and revealing what happened during the date.  But the one thing that really pissed them off is the fact that he still got Ashley for a quick one-on-one even if he didn’t have to.  Bentley, who garnered the rose from the group date, also stole Ashley from the guys and decided to get physical with Ashley even if he just had negative comments about their kiss.

Obviously, this season has a lot of bad things coming for Ashley.  I guess Ashley needs to take a step back and not rush things with any of those guys.  At least not at the moment.  William, who has this aura of being sweet, has been showing some boastfulness in him and Bentley, who is Ashley’s favorite, doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.  I’m sure next week will be full of tears and emotions.

What I am looking forward to is for Ashley to have  a one-on-one date with Ryan, who received the first impression rose.  What do you think?