It was just a few years ago when Caylee Anthony, daughter of Casey Anthony, disappeared and went missing for almost half a year.  Caylee, born on 2005, practically lived with her grandparents Cindy and George and mother Casey in their Orlando, Florida home.  Everything went fine up until her mother, Casey Anthony, decided to pack their things on June 2008 and move out of the family house.  Since then, Caylee was never to be seen or heard by Cindy and George.  Oftentimes, Casey would tell the eager grandparents that Caylee was with a nanny.  A month after Caylee’s “disappearance,” Cindy ordered for Casey’s arrest for stealing the family car and some cash.  It was during that time when Casey revealed that Caylee has been missing for 31 days and accused a Zenaida Gonzales of kidnapping the child.  However, six months after the disappearance of Caylee, a worker found a dead body of a toddler less than a mile from the Anthony residence.  The body was investigated and believed to be Caylee’s decaying remains.  No apparent trauma was ruled out and investigators concluded that it was a “homicide with undetermined means.”

Almost three years after Casey Anthony’s indictment for first-degree murder, where she entered a not-guilty plea, the court trial of Casey commenced at the Orange County Courthouse.  The trial is being led by Judge Belvin Perry.  During the first day of the trial, an explosive revelation was claimed by defense attorney Baez.  He claimed that Caylee drowned in the Anthony residence backyard pool and blamed the family’s dysfunctional nature to have brought about this unfortunate event.  The first witness called on the stands is George Anthony who was accused by Baez of causing chaos in the family. 

The second day of trial exposed Anthony’s ex-lover, Tony.  He said that he met Caylee once but never met her again.  Casey always said that Caylee was with her nanny Zanny or with grandma.  Also exposed during the second day were pictures of Casey with shot girls where she worked as their supervisor.  All witnesses claimed that Casey had never been sad or worried during those times when Caylee was supposedly missing.

The third day of trial still called Tony to the witness stands.  There he stated that Casey shared some secrets with him and one of these is that Lee, her brother, tried to abuse her.  After Tony, the two other exes of Casey took oath and both claimed that Casey’s behavior never altered nor did her mood change during the 31 days that Caylee was missing.  Last to the witness stand is Casey’s father, George.  George and the defense lawyer, Baez, were at each other’s necks during the deposition.  We can remember that Baez is pinning down George for Caylee’s death.

 The fourth day focused on the smell of the car of Casey where George claimed smelled like death.  The tow-trucker was asked to stand as witness and said that he thought the trunk of the car smelled like something decaying was in it.  Meanwhile, the prosecutors called Tony back to discuss text messages between him and Casey discussing Caylee and felt that Caylee was a hindrance to the relationship.

The fifth day introduced Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s grandmother, to the witness stands.  The heartbroken grandmother talked about her relationship with Casey and Caylee.  She described how Caylee behaves at home while the prosecution tried to disprove the defense’s theory of Caylee drowning in the family pool.  The prosecution also showed some photos of Caylee’s bed that made Cindy cry.

The sixth day exposed the 911 calls that Cindy made in July of 2008, when she wanted Casey to be arrested for stealing the family car and some cash.  She asked where to bring her daughter in and who she should be dealing with.  The last phone call exposed a hysterical Cindy learning, possibly for the first time, that Caylee has been missing for 31 days.  In the same phone call, a composed Casey spoke with the 911 agent and explained that a certain Zenaida Gonzales took her daughter from her.

It has just been six trial days yet the story seems to be unfolding before our very eyes.  This sensationalized, media-hyped drama is taking place under the close scrutiny of the American public.  Defending her stand and reputation as a mother is Casey Anthony, who could be given a death penalty verdict if found guilty.  What is so ironic about this case is that her parents are witnesses of both the defense and the prosecution.  However, they still would like to think that Caylee is still out there and that Casey is somehow telling the truth because, at the end of the day, the person being grilled is their daughter.

There will be a lot of interesting and explosive facts or stories that will be revealed in the upcoming trial days to come.  Judgments have obviously been made by the general public and have already concluded that Casey has committed the gravest crime of all.  Others might even think that the case might unfold the way OJ Simpson’s trial has unfolded – an obvious guilty to an innocent verdict.  Regardless of the opinions that are heard regarding this story, let us remember that a little girl is begging for justice and all hope that justice will be served to those who deserve it.